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Breaking News: Attacker Discovered

Who: Aya Shameimaru, Utsuho Reiuji
Where: Human Village, Dragon Square
Watch for: interrogation, chase, nuclear crash, heartwarming moment

Just another day in the human village, it seemed. Aside from the large hell raven flying above, scanning the ground below for the shops she was looking for. Since there wasn't any real work for her to do at the hot spring, Satori sent Utsuho out to run some errands. Hopefully it would go better than the last time that happened.

Nothing out of the ordinary here today, either. Ho-hum. This really means a bit of another quiet day for Aya. She thought she smelled a story somewhere around here, but, for the moment, it seems she was mistaken. Or, perhaps there is a bit of information here that she hasn't quite found yet. For now, the tengu just walks about, not really much bothering the humans, it seems.

As she flew, Utsuho just happened to spot a familiar person down on the ground below her. Was that...Hatate? Curious, the hell raven swooped down and landed none-too-gently next to Aya, resting a hand on her hip as she tilted her head to one side. "Hey, Hatate, is that you? What happened to your hair? And clothes? And...well, everything?"

Aya Shameimaru looks over at Utsuho. "Hatate? Please, I'm much better than her," she half-jokes. She reaches into her pocket and pulls out a recent copy of the Bunbunmaru newspaper, offering it. "Nope, I'm Aya. Aya Shameimaru. Owner, writer, photographer, editor, and lead reporter of Bunbunmaru news," she states proudly. She looks over Utsuho briefly. "And you are...?" If she does know, it's slipping her mind at the moment.

Utsuho accepted the newspaper, turning it over a couple of times with interest. Then a lightbulb went off in her head and she remembered exactly who this person was. "Oh! I know you. You came by the hot spring a while back, right?" Utsuho shifted her stance to more obviously assert her height, nodding emphatically. "I'm Utsuho Reiuji! I served you when you came over, remember? Great article by the way. We got a lot of new customers after that."

"Ah, right. You're the raven there." Aya grins a bit. "Well, it is a nice spring. And the service wasn't that bad either. All part of the job as a reporter." She nods, seeming to be quite pleased with the praise. She does news for the sake of doing news as a service, and even with the complaints, she doesn't plan on changing. But it's nice to meet someone who thanks you for a change instead of bashing how you make the news a bit more fun to read. "Nice seeing you again."

Utsuho couldn't help but grin at the compliment, resting a hand on the back of her head. "Hehe, thanks. You should come over again sometime. Maybe you can interview Satori, too! I'm sure she'd love that." The hell raven made a mental note to tell Satori about this later. Maybe they'd even get another boom in customers. "How's the newspaper going now, anyway? Doesn't seem like there's a lot to write about that's interesting."

"That actually sounds like a good idea." Aya takes out her notepad and writes herself a note to visit the hell springs again, and to interview the owner. Then she slides her notepad away. "Yeah, there's not been much going on lately. It is kinda sad, but I at least try to make it interesting." She shrugs. Not like all people enjoy the spin she puts on things to make it interesting.

Utsuho nodded in understanding as she started to take a look at the newspaper Aya offered her. "Yeah, it's always good to try and make thing int-"
Her face suddenly went pale as she saw the headline. "Youkai Mountain Under Attack: Lasers Label Mountainside." Hiding her face behind the newspaper, she quickly tried composing her thoughts. "So...uh...wow, someone tried blowing up the side of the mountain, huh? Did you...uh...ever find out who did that? Or get any hints or anything that could point you in the right direction?"

"Oh, that." Aya's smile fades into a grimmace. "No. No leads at all." She shakes her head and makes a fist frustratedly. She takes a look in the direction of the mountain, regardless of the fact that it's probably not in sight. "It's got the tengu upset, though. Not to mention the ones up at that shrine. Even I don't have anything on it yet, but I have my crows scouring Gensokyo for a lead." She looks up at Utsuho. "Why? Did you have something useful you could tell me?" She notices the pale look, but, at the moment, she can't say whether the raven had something to do with it, or just is in shock from the attack.

Utsuho quickly tried lowering the newspaper to give an awkward grin to Aya, beginning to sweat slightly from nervousness. "Oh, me? No, no, no, I had nothing to d-I mean, I have no idea who could have possibly done something like that. But whoever it is would probably be in a ton of trouble when you all catch them, right?" All the subtlety of a mushroom cloud, this one.

"Probably. I mean, whoever did it shook up the homes of a lot of tengu and the shrine. And I don't think the kappa were too pleased with the debris raining down on them." Aya glances at Utsuho's grin a bit, pulling out her notepad again and scribbling something down. "...You don't hide things very well, though, do you? You obviously know something, at the very least."

Aw, crap. It was true, she couldn't hide things very well most of the time. Especially not on such short notice like this. "What are you talking about," she asked. "I don't know anything at all. Why would I even bother trying to blow up the mountain anyway?" Thinking quickly, she added, "Oh, but what about that witch? She uses lasers, right? Maybe you should ask her. She'd probably know more than me."

"Well, I don't quite know what you'd want with blowing up the mountain, or the point of writing "Land" on it, but you're certainly acting suspiscious." Aya's eyes glint slightly. Seems like Aya was right about there being a scoop after all. This is big news! "As for Marisa, yes, she could have done it. And she's usually a walkng or flying hotspot of news, too. But it still doesn't change that you're acting a bit odd when pressed. You're trying to put one over on an experienced journalist, aren't you?"

"Odd? I have no idea what you're talking about," Utsuho replied, putting her hands behind her back and rocking on her feet slightly. "I'm not trying to put one over you. That would be silly. I don't even know what that means!" This was going horribly. She had to leave, and fast. "Anyway, I'd better get going. Goodluckinvestigatingbye!" With that, Utsuho quickly took off into the air, flying as fast as she could without the assistance of nuclear boosters.

"You're trying to lie to- Hey, I'm not quite finished with you yet." Aya smirks wryly, looking up at Utsuho. It looks like she needs shown what Aya's other title is. She crouches down before unleashing her wings and leaping up, flying rather fast. Aya is one of the best in the air, after all. "And now you're trying to run from me? That's not very professional. If you want, I can tell you what you did wrong when you lied." She snickers a little.

Utsuho looked over to see Aya already catching up with her. She had forgotten how fast tengus were. "And just what is that? I'm telling you I'm not lying!" She quickly summoned her Third Leg over her arm and used a spellcard to increase her speed: Nuclear Heat "Uncontrollable Dive". As the klaxons on her arm cannon went off, her body was covered in fusion energy as fusion energy shot out of her wings, propelling her forward at high speeds like a jet.

Damn. And there's a bit more super high speed. Well, Aya's not done yet, either. She holds out her own spellcard. Wind Sign "Tengu Limited Special". A card that was literally made just for a raw speed boost. Aya can probably even beat the jet speed now, or at least come close to matching it. "The stammering and sweating for instance. You're hiding something and I will expose the truth!"

Ah, geez. She wasn't going to lose Aya that easily. As Utsuho flew, she noticed the Bamboo Forest nearby. That would be the perfect place to lose the tengu, with all the bamboo shoots and everything. The hell raven quickly swerved to shoot down to the forest, but apparently didn't judge her speed correctly. She crashed into the ground, digging a trench with the force of her impact, and finally came to a stop after traveling several yards, creating a clear path with the trees she knocked down.
Oh, and an explosion happened where she stopped. Of course.

Aya Shameimaru watches Okuu crash a bit. She kind of stops in the air, rubbing her head a bit. Well, at least get a photo. Click. That solved some things, anyway. And down to the ground for a much more elegant landing than Utsuho's. "Are you alright, Utsuho?" Well, she won't be having to exaggerate this much to make it interesting. "Why're you running from me? I just want to talk."

Utusho was just lying face-down in her crater, her clothes torn quite badly from the friction of the impact. After a moment, she groaned and pushed herself onto her knees, dispelling the Third Leg. When she caught sight of Aya, she just stared at her for a moment before curling up with her head on her hands and her wings covering her body. "I'm sorry," she finally sobbed, hiding as best as she could from the tengu. "I was just really angry at Kanako and I wanted to show her somehow and I didn't think it would be that big of a deal and...and..."

Aya sighs, walking over to Utsuho and crouches down next to her. "Well... It did kind of end up a bit of a big deal. And I have to report this in my paper, but..." She puts a hand on Utsuho's shoulder. "I can at least try to use my paper to help you try to get mercy. I don't know how useful it'll be, but the kappa at least are really understanding." She stands, offering a hand to Utsuho. "I never wanted the chase hurt you, though. And you obviously have a lot of power; you just need to control it a little."

Upon hearing the news that Aya could help make it not quite so bad, Utsuho pulled back her hands and wings a bit to look up at Aya. She wiped the glowing tears out of her eyes and sniffed a bit. "R...really? You're not mad?" The hell raven accepted Aya's hand, standing up and massaging her neck. "...thanks, Aya. I really appreciate it." She sighed a bit, wiping the last of the tears away. "I can control it, I just...don't think about it. Maybe I should've just blown up the shrine instead. Then there wouldn't be as many problems."

"I don't know if blowing anything up is the right way to do it. I mean, you can show her your power otherwise, right? If you were that angry, you could have just challenged her to Danmaku, after all." Aya shrugs, helping Utsuho back to her feet. She nods a bit. "I can't promise that I can make it go away. But I'll try." She sighs, looking in the direction of the mountain. "And yeah, I'm mad. Of course I'm mad. My home and my friends are there. But I'm a reporter, not a judge or executioner. And you obviously didn't quite get what you were doing."

"Right, I get it..." Utsuho mumbled, looking away from Aya. "I don't know how to apologize, though. I can't really build the mountain back, can I?" She sighed, then gave the tengu a bone-crushing hug of thanks. "Thank you, though. I really appreciate it. I was wondering if I'd have to take on the whole mountain myself or something." Though that would certainly make for an interesting article. "Youkai Mountain Declares War On Hell."

"Well, you can try to put some of it back. Help the kappas with- ERK." And suddenly Aya finds herself in a rather tight hug. "Little looser, please. Can't quite breathe right..." she wheezes. Despite her anger and disappointment with Utsuho's short-sightedness, she can't help but smile a little; her paper has more uses than just information, it seems. "For the tengus, I don't know what they'll want out of you. They aren't quite as forgiving." Then she worries about the Shrine. "The Moriyas... I don't know. Especially considering that one of their gods was the one you were trying to show your anger. But I'll do what I can. I just want exciting articles. I don't want to start a big war or anything."

"Oh. Right. Sorry." Utsuho quickly let go of Aya, stepping back a bit. She never learned from those, did she? "Well, I work at the shrine anyway, so maybe it won't be so bad with them. But with Kanako...I'm not sure." The raven let out a little sigh, stretching her back. "Well...I guess I should probably go. I needed to run errands for Satori. Thanks again, Aya." With that, Utsuho began taking off into the air again, a bit awkwardly due to the soreness from the impact. "Let me know if I can help somehow!"

A wave from the tengu. "Don't worry, you'll hear from me." She sighs, shaking her head and stashing her notebook after a couple more notes. Well, this will make an interesting paper, at least. "Take care, Utsuho!" she calls. Time to get back to the mountain to write up this article. It's good to know her nose for news is just as dead on as ever.


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