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Breaking News: Monster(?)

Who: Aya Shameimaru, Demetra Yahschin
Where: Human Village, Dragon Square
Watch for:lying, telekinesis, panty shot

Ah, what a glorious feeling it was to stand up this early in the morning!
Actually the nymph felt horrible when she had to be kidnapped from blissful slumber's fluffy hands and had to dress up quickly, so she could get out of the room she was in - why did it have to be so troublesome with this young fella she had spent the last evening with?! Instead of just living alone she always had to sneak out in the morning... how annoying! So there she was, kinda sleepy, kinda displeased and looking for something to do with her time now. There wasn't much going on at this time of the day, so she had to think, while she went through the village, yawning at intervals.

Or maybe there is something happening. The wind in the village picks up briefly before the arrival of Bunbunmaru's long-time owner and reporter from the skies. She lands gently in the square of the town with a small bag. Looks like she's coming from the bamboo forest. A deep breath... "Extra, extra! Youkai Mountain case solved! Offender deserves mercy! Read all about it!" she calls out. News for the ones who want it. Well... those who want it and can pay.

Squinting at the shouting the nymph turned her head over to the Tengu, who had shown up at Dragon Square, advertising her news paper. Youkai Mountain case...? Hm, that's nothing she had heard of, perhaps another incident? Couldn't have been as viewy as the zombie one... like anyone could have overlooked the giant pagoda on the nameless field. Demetra sighed at the memory of that strange fox woman they had fought back then. T take her mind of things she walked over to the Tengu, getting out some money.
"I'd like to have one copy, please~", she said in her nicest voice and with a friendly smile.

Seems there's a couple of people interested. After a couple of the others, Aya turns to Demetra. "That'll be 200 yen, please," Aya says. She still needs a bit of money for the paper, but 200 yen is almost nothing. She could easily charge a couple hundred more. "Unless you wanted a subscription." She holds out a copy of the peper to Demetra.

Handing over the money Demetra took the paper, browsing through the pages. Hmming at the contents and yawning another time she skimed it. Only faintly she noticed the crowd around the Tengu, but when she did, it got her wondering. Seemingly that Tengu's papers were quite popular around people - though it may be only due to some more or less risky pictures included. Some of her little playthings in the village had bought the newspaper just because of these, if memory served her correctly - Demetra hadn't been too happy about finding things like these, but that wasn't what bothered her.
"Say, what is your name?, she asked, before dropping a curtsy and introducing herself, "My name is Yahschin, Demetra Yahschin. Pleased to meet you."

Aya smiles, finishing up with her business before responding to Demetra. "Aya Shameimaru, owner and reporter for the Bunbunmaru Newspaper, at your service." She bows happily before having a seat at the square, relaxing for a moment. "Man, Gensokyo's not getting any smaller." She chuckles a bit. "Makes for good business, though."

Oh, the reporter? Demetra's mind started to really wake up now, her eyes slightly narrowed, looking at Aya. She opened the papers, looked through it again, suddenly changing her expression from happy to somewhat surprised, even astonished. "... my my, there's something very important missing!", she suddenly said, "It's very recent, but I thought it would have made it all over Gensokyo by now!"
Oh, she was getting into some big lies again here, but why not start off the day with a chance to cnreasy one's popularity? Yes, that was, what she needed right now, something very integral to her plans... 'Let's just hope, she'll go for the bait...', the nymph thought.

"Something missing? What sort of something?" Aya looks up at the sky. A crow passes over head. "I doubt I missed anything. I have eyes all over the city. And a good reporter can just sense the news when it's happening." The tengu looks over at Demetra. "What do you think is missing?"

Demetra Yahschin looked around herself somewhat worried. She did a rather frightened stance, like the wrong people could hear about what she was telling the Tengu. "Well... it seems, this youkai, as dull as he may seem from what I told you, is not only all about brute force - he was musculous, you can't imagine it!" Clearing her throat, the nymph asked: "He somehow is involved with a few ghosts, gone astray... I don't know what he's doing with them, maybe it's the souls of the one he..." She gulped, turning pale. "he's slain..."
"And about this proof of mine... well... I wasn't the only one to get away from that monster. Can you guess, who came with me?

This is getting really interesting now. And Demetra is certainly selling it decently. Heck, she might actually fall for this one. At least until she starts taking down other people's views of this monsters. Especially those rabbits'. Aya's eyes go wide and she continues to write. "Who went with you? And where can I get an interview with them?"

A light laughter slipped from Demetra's lips, when Aya asked here about an interview with that certain someone immediately. Oh, her idea was great, she thought, and now it would get even better, the big moment! Leaning forward a little and lowering her voice the nymph told Aya: "You can interview them right here and now, if you'd like for the one who came with me... is... none less than another ghost."
After closely watching the Tengu's face - this information was bound to be somewhat unbelievable and amazing at the same time - Demetra turned the other side, hold a hand next to her mouth to make her shouting a little louder. "Oi! Show yourself! There's someone who'd like to talk to you!" She gave Aya an excusing look. "You must excuse them... not only don't they like showing themselves, but they're also not really talking to anyone... well, except for me, but there's a limit to even that. Now, watch, as they appear."
Suddenly, from everwhere small Objects started flying through the air. Various fruits from the marketplace, empty Sake bottles, small rocks and stones, even some hats - all controlled by Demetra's telekinesis, but Aya didn't need to know that. All the objects started some kind of a dance, flying in order through the air, before composing a somewhat humanlike figure, that slowly alked across the dragon square, getting everyone's attention rather quickly.
"Here they are... so, Aya-san, you may ask them."

"Well... That's interesting, but it's also kind of farfetched that they'll only talk to you. I mean, you might just be doing this yourself." Aya shrugs. In a world of just plain humans, sure, it might be pretty convincing. But considering that there are birds with nuclear fission and fusion, sparrows that can take away people's sight, and any number of other interesting things, who is to say that's not within Demetra's reach? "Still, I guess it couldn't hurt in case you are telling the truth. Just a bit of warning, you're not the only one I'm interviewing about this."

"Are you claiming, I'd be lieing? What would I gain from this?" The figure next to the two got a little shakey, while Demetra crossed her arms. "I'd be thankful if you were to investigate this case further... since from what I was told by the ghost, I can guess, that this youkai will not be too content with just bamboo forest anymore." The 'ghost' moved forward a little, moving around in a coy manner and trying to gesture. Demetra looked at them.
"Oh, I think, they're trying to tell us something... yes... err, it's about... err... hold on here, this is difficult for me." Moving a little closer to her own ghost friend Demetra acted as if she was listening to someone whispering. It was as quiet as in the deepest woods, where even Youkai behaved silently, the crowd around them was watching with interest.
"They say, you should be careful of course... the monster's pretty good at hiding and sneaking around the forests. Who knows how long it's been there?"

"Well, I don't know what you'd gain from this. But I don't know everything; I just report on what I see." Aya shrugs. "But I will keep that in mind. Anyway." She looks to Demetra's ghost friend. "So, then, you saw the youkai? How did you manage to chase it off? Especially since the rabbits in the woods have some allies there that are pretty strong themselves." Aya thinks for a second, continuing to write.
Then comes the comment about the monster's potential danger. Aya actually scoffs a bit at that. "What kind of reporter would I be if I let that chase me off? I need the whole story by any means necessary."

"Oh, of course not, I was telling them, that we would need people to investigate this.", Demetra claimed, "But you can see, how angstly they are..." If they were actually alive, she thought, refraining from a victorious grin. Now came the great part about their escape. The figure of objects ran on the spot, making some wird looking movements with its arms made of apples and stones.
"We were quite lucky actually, using some danmaku as a distraction, while I used one of my spellcards to knock over a tree." Demetra looked troubled and regretful when stating that she didn't really hit the monster. "The ghost says I managed to let the tree fall on its foot at least, which got it to get out of there. Well, and then we fled." The ghost nodded.

"I see. So that's what happened." Aya looks over the ghost curiously. It seems to be at least somewhat alive. Though it also looks a bit clumsy. And it's not exactly how the ghosts usually appear around here. "So what sort of being were you in your past life? What was your name?" She then pauses, looking over to Demetra, since she's the one to answer.

"Oh, their name?" She looked over at the 'ghost', that froze in its movement for a moment. Theay did something resembling a bow. Afterwards Demetra introduced him as "His name's..." Hastily she thought of a name that sounded like from this country, it wouldn't sound too truthful if she'd introduce him as Epicurus or Heracles. "Himura Kenshin. They were a ronin..." She lowered her voice again adding with a slightly embarrased tone: "A rather bad one, they admit..."

"Himura-san, then." Seems to be an effective ruse. "Can either of you describe what this youkai looked like?" Aya asks. Another something Demetra can probably pull off simply by making stuff up. Though Aya does still intend to look more into it than just one witness. Especially one she can't talk to directly. "And you said it seemed like a lot of brute force; was it smart about it though or did it just come head-on?"

"It was quite sneaky about it, trying to sneak up on me when I was lost in bamboo forest. But well, I guess it was due to being already careful where I stepped, that I noticed it nonetheless." She shuddered. "As I've told you, it was rather tall, about... hm, about two metres at least. And except for that strange necklace - oh, it did look horrid - it wore nothing but a white fur, covered in dirt and a few leaves..." Pausing at this point for a second, she let the literally made up ghost do some of its strange movements again, framing some simple shapes with its apple hands.
"It had a rather haggard face, dark hair... well, I'm still exhausted from last night and it all went pretty quick, so I can't remember every detail... it's nose looked rather pointy, I remember!" Making this all up from nothing at this time without much sleep - Demetra really wanted this little intrigue to hit, if she gave it that much work.

"Hmm. That's pretty discriptive and useful. Thank you." Aya makes a rough sketch from the description in her notepad before flipping it shut. "Hmm... I can't really think of anything to ask. This is quite useful, though, and I'll investigate immediately." She stands before bowing to Demetra and "Himura". She's still going to at least look for the youkai and ask some of the residents of Eientei before this goes to publish. It shouldn't take long for her.

"I'm glad, we could help, Shameimaru-san.", Demetra said while Himura bowed to the Tengu. She as about to bow as well and let the Tengu get on with it - hopefully she would publish this story anyways, even though she probably wouldn't find anything... but then again, there was gossip that this Tengu liked to exaggerate anyways, so it could be possible that she would publish this little tale without looking for proofs. Either way, something came to Demetra's mind.
"Oh, and could you do a little else for me?", she asked.

The exaggerations usually come after the fact. Thankfully, she can get to Eientei quickly and then back to Youkai Mountain to write her special up. Aya looks up at Demetra curiously. "And what would that little something else be?" she asks.

"Oh, it's not much... just..." She hold out the paper. "Seeing that your newspaper comes with pictures, I was wondering if, well, if you could take a picture of Himura and me~ I'd love to see myself in one of these sometime and I think Himura should learn to get less shy around people!" Turning to the ghost she said: "Shouldn't he?", making the ghost shudder, but nod in the end, approaching the nymph some more, who already adopted a rather sexy pose.

"Oh, sure. I was planning on doing that before I left anyway." Aya smiles, holding up her camera and getting the two in frame. "Though I do wonder if that sort of pose is appropriate for a story about a monstrous Youkai." Well... it'll do, at least. She snaps off a couple of photographs anyway. It's not often she gets asked to snap pictures.

And another one with a wink! Getting up and bowing Demetra said: "Thank you very much, Shameimaru-san! Now, I wish you a safe trip and hopefully the bamboo forest will be safe again due to your efforts soon!"

"We'll see if it even needs it. Thank you for the information though!" And, with a gust of wind, Aya is off, into the bamboo forest. As she leaves, she does a quick flip. The wind wasn't just for speed after all. Time for a quick photo snap before she gets into the forest.

Just when Demetra was about to take out her fan, hold it up to her face and let out a low laughter, a sudden gust of wind lifted up both her Kimono and dress. Immediately she lowered her hands to get her dress down again. Was this that Tengu's doing...?! 'Oh, I see, that would explain some of these other pictures...', she realized. In all that chaos, when Demetra was still startled, she didn't ave the concentration to let Himura keep his physical form, so the appleas and stones simply fell down to the ground, getting moved a little by the wind.

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