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Expose: Kaguya's Expeditions (Part 1)

Who: Kaguya Houraisen, Satori Komeiji, Aya Shameimaru, Utsuho Reiuji, Sanae Kochiya
Where: Hell's Hot Spring
What: pranks, interview, implied nudity

This just in! Kaguya has decided to leave Eientei! Travelling with her and whatever bodyguards she brings is the ever-studious reporter, Aya Shameimaru. Aya leads the group towards the hot springs. She's been meaning to meet with Satori and hopefully to ask a few more questions to Utsuho as well. And, with the springs, it just makes for a much more relaxing place to do it. And with Kaguya around to boot.

Drawing up to the place in her oxcart, Kaguya thought the place didn't look like much, at least until she took the first few steps in. Well-furnished, nice atmosphere, and as far as she knows, good service. Spending a bit of time down here wouldn't hurt. After all, this was her first outing in quite a while. How exciting! She kept a constant, somewhat awestruck smile on her face. She cries out to Aya with cheer! "Aya, you should've told me how wonderful this place was! If i'd seen it myself earlier, I would've come here sooner!" She can't wait to get right in there, and anxiously looks around. There's a small table there, something from the outside, she thought. She saw one at Kourindou a while ago. Funny that they could get such outlandish things from such a simple shop...

And right there behind the little counter between the doors to the segregated spring, there is a dour looking girl with violet hair and a perpetually flat expression. Considering the lack of customers, she'd been playing with a deck of cards. Solitaire, perhaps. The sudden arrival of not one, but two people causes Satori to place her hand down on the table and use her sleeve to sweep the entire stack of cards out of sight into a drawer. She then folds her hands neatly inside her sleeves.
"Welcome to Hell's Hot Spring. I am the proprieter, Satori." Her third eye floats up slowly beside her, "All services are free unless you wish to bathe in the spring. Please enjoy yourselves."

At that moment, a large, three-legged raven flew down from the rafters of the building and perched itself on Satori's head. For the moment, it just nuzzled into her pink hair, looking at the newcomers with interest. The red eye in its chest would give away her identity, most likely...

"Hello, miss Satori. I would like to bathe, yes. But I had hoped to talk to you and your Raven, Utsuho." Aya smiles, taking a couple of snapshots of the spring. She makes sure to include Kaguya in several of the shots, as she is an important part of the story. She looks over to Satori, reaching into her pockets. "How much is a bath?"

"Don't you worry about payment, Shameimaru. It is my treat after all." she says with a smile. "Hello, Satori-sama. I've heard many good things about you, and your business. I trust you're well." she gives a short bow to the hostess. "So, how much would it cost? I'm sure I can cover the costs." she now digs into her own pockets, which are infact quite deep. Where else do you think Kaguya keeps her Five Request items, as well as all her other posessions. Nothing is safer when it's within reach. She makes sure to good extraordinarily pretty, as she always is, because she'd be all over the papers by the next couple days. She's itching to hop in there and relax, and she turns back to Aya. "I can't wait, can you?"

A raven flutters down to her head, and Satori turns her eyes upward thoughtfully. She closes those eyes, reaching up to collect the bird and move it to her shoulder, where it'll be easier to rub its back and wings as she regards the visitors, "Hmm... I see you have heard good things about the Onsen, but not of me. Please do not tell lies for the sake of formality, Houraisen." She's awfully formal. Wait. When was she introduced?
With her free hand, she points at the sign on her desk, "The price is set upon. Please pay here. By going together, it will be a little less." Closing her eyes again, Satori hums, "Now... Why would you want to speak with me, Shameimaru?"

At the mention of talking to Satori and Utsuho, the raven seems to visibly panic, shuffling from foot to foot and ruffling her feathers. (W-whatever she says, Satori, I'm really really sorry. I was just upset, you know? Because that goddess is really stupid, and I have to work with that reactor, and...) Woah. Slow down, rocket boots.

Quite excitedly, the princess quickly looks at the sign, back Satori and the odd bird perched on her shoulder, and slides her payment across the counter. "This should be enough for the both of us. Come along then, Aya, unless you want to finish your little interview first, and join me later? I suppose I'll head in now then~." she says with a grin and a tilt of her head. She's waiting for Aya to come along with. After all, nobody keeps a princess waiting, right? She gets the odd feeling that Satori is staring into her though, or through her. She shrugs and wanders off to change and get into the spring proper.

It probably feels like Satori is staring through Kaguya because, in essence, she *is*. There's a bit of distraction when the bird on her shoulder ruffles feathers and shifts uncomfortably, and the youkai girl rests her hand across its wings again with a soft 'Shh'. Honestly. Keeping Utsuho out of trouble is a full time job, some days.
"It would be improper of me to bathe with customers when the Spring is still open. There's no one else to mind the counter right now." Lowering her hand from Utsuho's wings, she folds her hands loosely on the tabletop in front of her, "But please, go and enjoy yourself. The water is quite hot and refreshing. An interview can always happen later."

Oh, good. Apparently Satori didn't seem to think there was a problem yet. Or she was just going to wait until she and Utsuho were alone, at which point Utsuho would probably break into a sobbing fit and spill everything even though that wasn't really necessary. Whichever works. (Uh...do you want me to help them, Satori? I can do it.)

Darn. Well, hopefully things will work out. And maybe Utsuho can join them in the water. "Are you sure, miss Satori? It might be good for you to relax." ...That may have been the wrong thing to say. Oh well. Aya shrugs. "If you chang your mind, you can find us, I'm sure." She snickers, jogging a little to catch up with Kaguya. Time to change and relax.

With Aya and Kaguya indesposed with the hot spring, Satori waits patiently for them to wander out of earshot. Then, with both hands, she removes Utsuho from her shoulder and places the three-legged bird on the desk in front of her. A stern look on her face, she rests her hands on either side of the raven, "Whatever it is you're concerned about, it seems the tengu wasn't going to bring it up. But you did."
Leaning forward slightly, Satori's eyes narrow noticably, "So, Okuu, just what *are* you apologizing for?"

Oh God. Those eyes. THOSE EYES.
The raven visibly recoiled, pulling her head back into her body as much as she could. After a moment, she lifted into the air and landed on the floor next to Satori, where she slowly transformed into her human form. Once that was done, she suddenly fell to her knees and hid her face in Satori's skirt, bawling like a child. Her explanation could be made out between the sobbing. "I...I shot "Hell" into the side of Youkai Mountain. Well...Reimu interrupted me, so it's just "land" now, but still! I'm really sorry! I didn't mean to ruin your reputation or make things harder or get people upset-" Well, not like any of that actually happened, but it could. And that's what mattered.

And now it's off to the spring. Aya hears Utsuhou crying like a child and takes notes from the changing room. Unfortunately, she can't make anything out of it. Pity, too, since there was an answer in there. She shrugs, putting away her notepad before changing and making her way to the bath with Kaguya. "So, Kaguya. This seems like a good idea, huh?" She seems excited enough to take a dip.

"Of course, otherwise we wouldn't be here, right?" she eagerly gets in, and... "Oh, wow~! This is much better than I ever expected!" She relaxes into the warm onsen's water, just taking it all in. "This was worth it, let me tell you. I should bring along those lazy Inabas, if they ever show up. I promised them, after all. Isn't this just amazing. I mean, I may be my first time here, but I plan to come back as many times as I can." It was so relaxing, she thought, that she could fall asleep here and not notice. She perks up a little, and headtilts at Aya. "Come on, you can't help but love it here, right? I've always wanted my own miniature onsen back at Eientei, but couldn't get the rabbits to build it to scratch. It's ridiculous how much they think they can ignore me." She laughs a bit, and lies back with an 'Ahh~' of contentment.

Satori keeps an ear out for meddlesome tengu, but she keeps all three eyes on Utsuho when the raven assumes her human form and promptly breaks like a fabrigee egg. She listens to the explenation impassively, her expression unchanging, while she combs through Utsuho's thoughts to survey the extent of the damage she'd caused. After a moment or two, she sighs and rests a hand on top of the crying girl's head, "Okuu... You were angry. In a way, I'm happy you did this instead of something that endangered others."
Reaching down, she plucks Utsuho's chin and tilts her head up. Satori's face is softer, but still stern, "You've already spoken to the tengu. But I think you should offer to help repair the damage you caused. The kappa and the tengu do not deserve to pay for what that woman did to you."
She hesitates, then, and cups Utusho's cheek in her hand. A gentle gesture, "..Hmm.. But it sounds like you made a friend, too. I'm glad. I was worried you would be angry at the shrine maiden, too."

Utsuho sniffed a little as Satori held her head, her eyes still swimming in glowing tears. Her master took this much better than she had expected, but then again she always did. The hell raven never really learned. "B-but Reimu stopped me from hurting you and Orin any more. Why would I be angry at her? I owe her a lot." She sniffled again, wiping her eyes as she began to calm down. Around that point she noticed that Satori's skirt was starting to steam from the heat of her tears, which caused Utsuho to yelp in surprise and quickly try to wipe the burning liquid off before it burned a hole through Satori's clothes.

Sinking into the hot spring, Aya sighs. "Man, that's nice. I could get used to this." As long as things don't get too out of hand. It's already starting to shape up as a nice story. "You know, I kind of wonder what they're talking about in there." Deep down, she doesn't want anything to happen to Utsuho. Oh well, what will come will come. Even if things are a bit bitter. Aya shrugs, sinking down a bit deeper in the water. "Mmmm... Nice, hot water."

Satori removes her hand from Utsuho's face, quickly rubbing those hot tears off on a hand towel. Not being a hell native, hot things still hurt, but she does her best to conceal that from the raven. She's already upset enough, she doesn't need to worry about hurting her mistress too. "I'm glad you feel that way, Okuu--What are you..!" fwoomp. The youkai girl's lap erupts with a puff of flames. Quickly, she snatches her overcoat and smothers it.
Redfaced, eyes not visible due to the angle of her head, Satori offers, "Okuu, why don't you go wash up? Take some time in the spring. I..need to change."

"They mostly go off on their own. It gets on my nerves often, but they /are/ loyal and all, so I find it hard to get angry at them. But that's another story. As for those two, I'm sure they'll sort that out amongst themselves." She sits up a little bit, and gives Aya a strange look, almost as if she's confused. She give a devilish grin and says "Ah, I see...so /that's/ why you're so popular." She wants to mess around with the tengu's head a little. After all, what are friends for?

Utsuho drooped noticably at the realization that she just cried so much that she set her master's skirt on fire. Even the bow on her head seemed to lose some of its puffiness. "Y...yeah. I'll go wash up..." The hell raven didn't waste any time in floating up and away to the bathroom, where she splashed water on her face. Her face had become hot enough to make the water steam away almost instantly, so it was kind of useless at that point. Once she had gotten as washed up as she could, she leaned her back against the door of the restroom and slid down it until she was sitting with her knees up to her chest. Utsuho opted to stay there for a few minutes to let Satori recompose herself, just in case she accidently set anything else on fire.

"Huh? What're you talking about?" Aya asks Kaguya, sitting up in the water a bit. She leans back in the water. Now, Aya's the one confused; she scratches her head curiously. Maybe Kaguya has something planned. Suddenly, Aya's starting to feel a bit more wary than before. Still, she's got her camera right next to her, and her notepad next to that, in case something big happens. It never hurts to be prepared.

Laughing behind her hands, she says "Oh, nothing at all~...I mean.." she pauses and trails off, then says. "I'm sorry, forget I said anything. We have nothing to hide from each other now, right. In all seriousness, it makes me jealous of you, a little." She was being ambiguious. After all, the tengu had a habit for making sensational news of of nothing, and she assume her brain worked the same way. "They're just so impressive. No wonder people love you so much, right?" she inches closer just a little, pranking the silly tengu into misinterpreting her comments. This was all in good fun, of course. Kaguya always pranked Reisen and Eirin this way, and they were close friends as well. Why leave her new friend out?

And Aya, being... well, Aya, she's going to at least make a comment. "Well... they really aren't all that great. But yours are probably so much better." She blushes a bit, chuckling nervously. She thinks for a second. "I don't exactly show them to everyone, though. I don't see how that'd make me popular." Seems like she's being just as vague, though, it should be obvious what she's thinking Kaguya means.

Well, she's taken the bait, now to draw in the line. "Well, I can't say anything one way or the other if you don't prove it, Aya~. Let's make a deal. You first, and then me. Promise you won't take any...pictures of it, will you?" she pretends to blush and then looks back at her. "Aren't journalists suppose to reveal the truth, no matter how /hidden/ it might be." She's implying it even more. Oh, yes. This will be fun. "Aya, it'll be fun!." she giggles a little, trying to make her more uncomforatble. "You can trust me~, right? I'll keep my end of the bargain."

It takes a visit to the second story, but Satori returns to the main room in fresh and unburned clothes. Skimming the room with a flat-eyed look, she frowns a bit. No Okuu. Wandering through to the spring, she leans in on Kaguya and Aya, offering a quiet, "Is everything going all right in here?" -- But, promptly, goes a bit wide-eyed at the thoughts flying back and forth. She doesn't spot Utsuho, and she can tell the raven hasn't been to the spring yet. But, still, "This is not that kind of establishment! Calm down, both of you, or I'll throw you out!"
She slides the door shut and turns her back to it, looking from side to side. Just where did Utsuho get off to? ... Is she still in the restroom? Cautiously, Satori raps on that door with just one knuckle, "Okuu?"

Utsuho quickly shot to her feet at the sound of the knocking, almost falling over in the process. She turned to the door and cleared her throat as she thought of something to say. "I-I'm fine! I'm just changing, don't worry about me! Uh...you should go out and join Kaguya and Aya, I'm sure they'd like to have you there with them." No, she didn't think of the fact that she wasn't in the changing room, nor the fact that Satori could read minds.

"Well... alright. As long as you'll do it, too. And I promise I won't publish any pictures." Aya grins. Loophole. At least, until Satori scolds them. She was just about to start undressing too. Damn. "So close. I doubt she's joking about throwing us out." Well... That sucks. This might have been fun, too. "Well, at least we have a nice, hot bath to lounge in." So much for that photo opportunity.

Kaguya sighs. "You're no fun Aya." she says, sounding somewhat dejected. "But you're right, we have all the time in the world, or at least I do." She sits up, stares upwards, for a moment, and then turns back to the relaxing Tengu, saying "So, what do you do, other than write and deliver and news. I've been curious. Any hobbies, by chance, or anyone else you know. Maybe you can introduce me to some other people you might know. I'm sure you know people from far and wide across Gensokyo." she lies back down into the water, almost up to her head, and says "You've accompanied me this far, so why not the rest of the trip, if I can pick up some other people to join with us too. You wouldn't mind?

Satori hesitates when she feels more than hears Utsuho shoot to her feet on the other side of the door. Slowly, she lowers her hand and folds them neatly in front of herself, "Okuu... You shouldn't blame yourself for what just happened. It wasn't your fault, and I don't blame you for it." She sighs a bit, then, and turns away, "If I don't blame you, there's no reason you should, okay?"
Utsuho brings up the spring, and Satori shakes her head. After a second, she realizes Utsuho can't see the gesture, and just says, "No. I actually forgot my bathing suit today, so I won't bother with it until after we close for the night. But you..." She glances over her shoulder at the door with a little smile, "..probably could use a good warm soak, Okuu. Take a break, on the house."
Somewhat more tersely, she adds as she steps out of hte changing room and into the main room, "And make sure those two horndogs stay off of each other until they leave."

Well, she had to admit that Satori had a point. If Satori wasn't upset, then she had no reason to be upset, right? Utsuho sighed quietly, mentally agreeing that it would be nice to go out and join them for a while. She giggled a bit at the last thing Satori said, then stepped out herself to change.
A few minutes later, she entered the hot spring wearing a towel and waving cheerfully to Kaguya and Aya. "Hey, I thought I'd join you. How is the water?" Without taking the time to hear their input, Utsuho limped to the edge of the pool and slid in next to Aya, splashing up water as she entered due to her size. No, not that size, her overall body size. Pervs.

"The water's perfect, Utsuho." Aya smiles, watching Utsuho head into the pool. She leans back. "Sorry, Kaguya. I'm pretty sure that Satori doesn't want us to. Although... I dunno if she's coming back any time soon." She snickers, but she doesn't bother removing anything, since she's fairly sure Utsuho would just take care of that in her stead. In any case. "Why did you want to see it anyway?" She smirks a bit, keeping her stuff nearby.

"Well, just curious." She looks over her shoulder at where Satori had shouted at her from before. She gives Aya a smirk. "Nobody's looking, Aya. It won't hurt, would it?" She turns to Utsuho, giving her a similar smile. "You must be Utsuho. Nice to meet you. This is quite a nice establishment you've set up." She peers at her a little and continues. "Don't take this the wrong way. My friend Aya is being a little modest, and i'm just asking her to loosen up somewhat. It's not a big deal. After all, it's in the spirit of good fun, isn't it?" She pauses for a minute and realises who the raven is, but she doesn't say anything out loud. Her face went down for a moment, and she moved herself in close to the other two hotspring occupants, giving a small stretch.

"Well... I guess you're right that the only one looking is Utsuho..." And success for Kaguya. Rather unabashedly, Aya begins to get rid of her bathing suit, sitting it up with her camera and notebook. She giggles a bit. "I don't think I've ever done this. It's kinda fun." She stretches a bit, sinking down in the water. "Alright, Kaguya. Your turn." Fun little thing they're doing. So wrong, but so right.

Sanae Kochiya slides open the front door as she heads inside. She waves to the Fairy employees who are manning the front lobby, "I look a total mess. If I don't have a good soak and groom myself properly this evening I'm going to end up looking as raggamuffin as those Rabbits staying in the Bamboo Forest." She complains before going to the changing area and undressing before she wraps a towel around herself and heads out towards the women's hotsprings area. She wasen't too surprised to see a small crowd here at the end of the week though the Princess of all people?

True to her word, undresses as well. "Now, doesn't this feel alot better?" She laughs along with Aya, as she stands up for a second and places it down with Aya's belongings. She sinks back into the water calmly and is riiiight next to Aya, as close as she can get without making her uncomfortable. "And now, we can relax like we ought to...now was that so hard, Aya? As I said before, no wonder they all love you." she giggles again and begins chatting away to Utsuho about how she met Aya, and where her journey took her. "So," she says "I'm planning to go from here to several other places, such as the Scarlet Devil Mansion, The village, The Sanzu river, all the iconic places. I haven't been out often from my home, and I brought Aya along with me. And so, here we all are. It's odd how such unlikely friends can meet up in an unlikely place, isn't it?"

Seeing that everyone else seemed to be removing their towels, Utsuho decided she might as well do the same herself. What could possibly go wrong? With that thought, the hell raven removed her towel and set it down on the edge of the pool for future retrieval. She poked at the scabbing around her chest eye for a moment, but quickly turned her attention back to Kaguya as she regaled the raven with the tales of her aspirations and meetings. "That sounds like it'll be really fun," Utsuho said, smiling. "I hope you'll enjoy being out. Gensokyo is really interesting when you get used to it."

"That's true." she reaches her arm around the Tengu and Hellraven, and says "Does this mean we're officially friends, Utsuho? I wouldn't mind. You look very powerful, and you're quite an amiable sort. What do you say. Friendship is hard to come by in today's world. But relaxation like this, and with friends like you...I'd rather spend a few minutes with some trusted friends than an eternity alone, you see? That's what I wanted to say..." she looks embarrased, as if she let out a massive secret.

Sanae Kochiya begins heading over to an adjacent hot spring pool right now, slipping off her towel and slipping into the water in one deft motion she lets out a soft sigh and half closes her eyes, "Hmm....this is definately what the doctor ordered. Now to let my tired muscles relax and let my mind drift a bit." She says softly while giving a contented smile. She's curious about what the Moon Princess is doing here but she isn't the nosey type...then again what's the use of rabbit ears if you can't pick up on things with sensitive hearing?

Aya grins, looking around the now nude bathers. She blushes at Kaguya's compliment. "I can't wait to visit there with a friend now, rather than just going for a big scoop or something. It'll be neat. And yes, Gensokyo is an amazing place. There's a lot of strange people, but it really makes for an interesting life." She sits up in the water. And hug time. Aya clicks something on her camera before being drawn into the hug. "Friends are an important thing to have if you can find them." She looks up at Sanae as she steps into the spring area and gives a brief wave. Probably for the best that she doesn't recognize her; Sanae is still not quite trusted after the mountain incident.. Aaaaand the camera goes off. Photo of the three naked girls. Awesome~

And then Utsuho was hugged for some reason. She gave Kaguya a strange look as they were squished together, wondering why the princess was suddenly acting really weird. "Uh...I...I guess we can be friends, sure. You don't have to be so weird about it, tho-" CAMERA FLASH. Utsuho blinked a couple of times to clear her eyes. She didn't notice Sanae off in the distance, which was a shame; now she was stuck with two rather odd characters who seemed entirely too touchy-feely. Rubbing her eyes, she shuffled away from the two of them as subtly as she could. Maybe they wouldn't notice?

(Un)fortunately, Aya notices. "Utsuho? You alright?" It finally dawns on her that this is probably awfully awkward for her. She blushes a bit, shifting away. "Sorry, I didn't mean to be that weird. It just sort of... happened." She chuckles nervously, before getting back to a nice, relaxing seat. Close, but not too close. And she's keeping an eye on her camera now. "Kaguya's just not used to having this many friends around is all." She turns to Sanae. "Sorry about that to you, too. This probably is kind of awkward for you."

Sanae Kochiya earperks, a bit as she hears Utsuho sounding a bit uncomfortable there as she turns around and peers over towards their direction. Nosey or not she was concerned for the Hellraven since she was a nice enough Youkai, "Everything alright over there, Utsuho?" She asks in a soft tone while her head and neck peer over the edge of the hotspring pool she's soaking in, her fingers gripping the border of it. She arched a brow at the sound of the camera going off....that bird must be up to something and it's probably involving Satori's unwitting pet.

Kaguya suddenly notices a rabbit in one of the pools. This one wasn't one of hers. Now why would a rabbit youkai be here at the same time. Probably wasn't much of anything. The Lunarian calls out to the unknown rabbit. "Hello there. You don't /look/ like I've seen you before. What's your name, rabbit?" she turns to Aya "Doesn't she remind you of my Inabas? She's familiar, but I can't tell from where. I think i've seen this one somwhere before...." She trails off in her rambling, and says to the world at large, "This is the life! I've never felt so relaxed before." she sinks back down into the water, just lying there, and give a wave to the new green rabbit.

"Oh, no, it's fine," Utsuho replied, holding up a hand. "It's not worse than the time Hatate broke into the Palace and got a panty shot of me." But she traumatized the tengu enough for that in revenge, so it was all good. Her attention turned to Sanae as the rabbit called over to her. "Oh, hey Usanae," Utsuho replied, waving. "Yeah, everything's fine. Good to see you."

Never mind the fact that Aya just got a nude of her, and Kaguya just hugged her a little close during it, but no big deal. And it doesn't seem like Utsuho's to vengeful about it. She smiles all the same, though. "I know there's something similar to someone." Utsuho mentions the name and it does bring up suspicions, being so close to that shrine maiden's. However, that's really not likely, and Aya just shakes it off and, for now, it's just a time to relax. "I'm glad you're having fun out today, though, Kaguya."

Kaguya gives a nod of thanks to the raven, and replied with "I'm glad to have met you, Utsuho. I take it that you're one of Satori's 'pets', much like my rabbits are to me. It's been a pleasure to have you join us today." and speaking of the rabbit, she turns to this 'Usanae' and tilts her head, puzzled. "So you're not from Bamboo Forest? No matter. It's nice to meet you as well. I hope we haven't disturbed you much?" She relaxes a little more. She's concerned about Aya's camera going off so suddenly, but she assumes it's nothing. Besides, this was the outside world, and she could act this way around her few friends for a day and not suffer too much for it.

Utsuho looked over to Kaguya and gave her a little smile. "Yeah, it's...uh...nice to meet you too. I am one of Satori's pets, yes." Then a thought came to her. Utsuho turned to face Aya, a questioning expression on her face. "Say, did you ever publish that newspaper article? What did the kappa and tengu say about it?" She lifted a hand to scratch the back of her neck, somewhat anxious. "More importantly...it's safe for me to be on the surface, right?"

"Actually, I haven't heard much of anything yet from the kappas. And I'm not sure what my people are planning yet, either. But I promise that I published it. I've actually got a few copies back with my clothing. I'll give you one for free." Aya nods to Utsuho. "And... I really don't know. The kappa aren't generally that vengeful, and the tengu don't go outside of the mountain much, myself excluded." She lounges in the hot water. She offers Usanae a hand. "Aya Shameimaru. I can't say we've met, strangely enough."

Remembers she'd read the article back when the journalist tengu came to deliver the paper a while ago. She wasn't sure of the details, but she figured Utsuho didn't look like the type that would try to hurt anyone outright, except perhaps if she was angry. Maybe that was what drove her to do it. But she heard the raven spelled 'land' onto the side of the mountain. Who knew what her reasons were, and in her opinion, who cared? All Kaguya cared about was the warm, steamy water, which slowly was making her fall asleep... She'd remember today for, as mortals would say, the rest of her life.

Sanae Kochiya leans over, shaking her hand, "Yeah....much like your people we keep to ourselves. If it wasen't for me making a failed attempt at getting back home not even the Wolf Tengu would have known about my presence." She turns towards Kaguya, "No....no disturbance. I was just curious about how Utsuho was doing, been busy and all running a few errands with Satori. I figured I needed a nice soak to clean up a bit." She states towards the others.

Utsuho just nodded calmly, leaning back against the edge of the spring. She sighed slightly, going back to fiddling with the scabbing around her chest eye. "Well, I guess it's not the worst that could happen. I'll just have to keep an eye out." Utsuho closed her eyes, letting the warmth relax her muscles and remove her concerns.

Aya nods. "That would be impressive if you could get past even Momiji. That takes a lot to fool our sentry." She turns to Utsuho curiously. "I've done all I can. I'll try to talk to the tengus to see how much leniency I can get. I did want to ask a couple things about what happened though. I'm curious about a lot. There are just some things I'm not seeing."

Sanae Kochiya sighs and nods, "We had a nice long game of hide and seek for a bit before I gave up trying to get to where my home is....I'm suffering under a curse though that prevents me from returning to my home. Satori-Sama has agreed to help me gather the things I need to undo the curse. It's not going to be easy but having her support really makes a world of difference."

“Don't worry about that 'Usanae'! Forget your worries today. This isn't a place for all these troubles." she closes her eyes and gives a contented sigh. It was almost as if she'd forgotten all about Mokou, Eientei, the rest of her trip, her fears, worries and confusion. All of it didn't matter. What mattered was the moment, this moment, and the people she spent it with, no matter how crazy it seemed earlier. Was this what having friends was like? A bunch of people who you sometimes liked, sometimes didn't like, but they stuck around all the same. Kaguya was grateful for it, and make sure to thank them all if they visited her back home.

Utsuho cracked open an eye and turned her head slightly to look at Aya. "Hm? What else do you want to know? I'd think that you would know a lot about the people at the shrine, since you live on the same mountain and all. Unless you want to know more about me..."

Aya Shameimaru smiles, relaxing in the water. Yep. It's a nice, relaxing time. And this is only the start of Kaguya's expedition into Gensokyo. "Well, I don't know the purpose of inscribing "land" on the mountain, or what Kanako did to you to upset you," she comments. She sinks into the water a bit deeper, relaxing. It doesn't seem like there's much of anything wrong with the day. Relaxing with friends and a new acquaintance alike. "If you don't want to answer that last one, that's fine. I'm just curious for my paper."

Ah. That. Utsuho sighed, closing her eye again and sinking a bit further into the water. "Well, I didn't mean to write "land". I meant to write "Hell", but I got interrupted before I wrote the second character and never finished it." Slowly, she opened her eyes and looked up at the sky as she considered how to answer the second question. "Kanako...Kanako did a lot of things to me, but I don't think I'll answer that now. Maybe when you interview Satori I will..." Best to keep the good mood while it was there, right?

Sanae Kochiya is half asleep at the moment, having gone back to soaking in the water and daydreaming of being at a fancy resort hotel back in the real world, "Have a waiter send down a pineapple coconut frozen smoothie...." She murmurs while no longer aware of her surroundings as she's in a comfortable, dazed state of being. This is as close as she can get to being in her happy place.

Waking up from her daydream, Kaguya started to giggle under her breath, and pulled closer to Aya. Close enough to whisper into her ear, she looked around, and thought the other two wouldn't hear what she was saying. She silently said, directly into Aya's ear. "Aya, I have to tell you the truth..." she laughed a little bit again at herself. This was the piece de resistance of her entire night. She was sure the tengu would understand. "When I said 'them', all that time ago, I really meant your wings..." She said she in all seriousness, even though she was only toying with her a little bit. She simply, and slowly pulled back, and relaxed back into her place in the water. Oh yes, she thought, this /is/ the life!


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