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Follow the Jet Stream

Who: Nitori Kawashiro, Hihoo Kiyomizu
Where: Youkai Mountain
What: One again the pair of Kappa try out their new inventions
Watch For: Backpacks NOT exploding

It'll fly right this time!Collapse )

School Daze

Who: Medicine Melancholy, Keine Kamishirasawa, Yuugi Hoshiguma
Where: Human Village
What: As part of her punishment Medicine is forced to go to class and deal with Keine once more
Watch For: Adorable Tantrums?

It seems like she CAN be forced to do somethingCollapse )

One hell of a trip

Who: Ashe Grey, Chen, Reisen Inaba
Where: Human Village
What: The pair get the catnip and start having an odd trip

Maybe it does work faster if you smell it, though...Collapse )

Signs of a new deal

Who: Nitori Kawashiro, Nizhoni Baagah
Where: Human Village
What: As Nizhoni makes some guide marks she draws the attention of Nitori
Watch For: Stealth failure

Gonna save the poor fishermen from the big bad jackalope~?Collapse )

Orange Smoke

Who: Ashe Gray, Chen
Where: Youkai Forest
What: While Chen looks for butterflies she runs into a Fairy

How do you give someone a napCollapse )

Bugging the Teacher

Who: Medicine Melancholy, Wriggle Nightbug, Keine Kamishirasawa
Where: Human Village
What: Wriggle looking for vengeance gets some bad guidance

What's going to be the punishment for this one?Collapse )

Coffee Break

Who: Koakuma, Taro Kuroyoko
Where: Scarlet Devil Mansion
What: Late Night in the Scarlet Devil Mansion leads to Taro and Koakuma discussing things while making late night snacks
Watch For: Discussion of Makai

Do you... I mean, what kinds of memories do you have from home?Collapse )

Fairy Gear Solid, Part the First

Who: Reisen Undongein Inaba, Luna Child, Sunny Milk, Ashe Gray, many, many other fairies and Earth Rabbits.
Where: Eieintei
What: Fed up with recent intrusions into Eieintei's perimeter, Reisen has elected to strengthen the manor's security to prevent further break-ins. To properly test her new security measures, Reisen elected to secure the aid of some unorthadox help under the guise of a game of hiding and sneaking.
Watch For: Fairies, Fairies, More Fairies, Sneaky tricks, Traps, Earth Rabbits, and a (allegedly) amazing prize.
Also Reisen accidentally screwing up the turn order at one point. Dangit.

The game itself is very simple - it's a sneaking game. Deep inside the manor behind me, in the dining room, is your reward. Your job is very simple: try to sneak past the Earth Rabbits patrolling the hallways and the devices we set up to catch intruders. You will have to do your best to not get caught, because if you are, you lose."Collapse )


Who: Rumia, Medicine Melancholy, Sakuya Izayoi, Keine Kamishirasawa
Where: Myouren Temple
What: After the battle ended Medicine and Rumia are brought to Keine for thier punishment

If you'd work with us instead of against us, then things would go smoother for everyone.Collapse )

BotPaCD - A Flash in the Darkness

Who: Rumia, Medicine Melancholy, Sakuya Izayoi
Where: Myouren Temple
What: With Nori tying up the others Rumia and Medicine make a break for it only to be tracked by Sakuya
Watch For: Critical Hits

And you really thought this was going to work? Did you even think before agreeing to be used?Collapse )


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